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We make it easy to focus on the programs that are the foundation of value-based care, improving outcomes, and increasing revenue.

Clinical Event Notification

Notifying ambulatory providers when their patients visit a hospital is a powerful tool for improving care coordination. Clinical Event Notifications reduce unnecessary inpatient admissions, improve care coordination, and improve patient outcomes.

eVigils connects with HIEs, hospitals, ACOs, and providers to deliver Clinical Event Notifications as they happen. Case managers receive the information needed without the inherent burdens of email and portal. Patients can directly be contacted via their eVigils patient app mitigating unneeded services and leading to better health outcomes.

Transitional Care Management

TCM incentives can provide a significant source of revenue for most practices. To capitalize on TCM, practices need up to the minute information on patients’ admits and discharges from hospitals and SNFs.

eVigils’ integration provides that up to the minute information enabling practices to receive clinical alerts on their patients’ hospital and SNF status. These alerts improve the timeliness of patient contact and the requisite office visit, eliminating missed opportunities for TCM claims.

Principle Care Management

New for CY2020, these codes require structured coding of core information, a documented disease-specific care plan and enhanced (asynchronous) communications. Features built into eVigils since it’s inception.

eVigils makes collecting PCM time for the QHCP (G2064) or for clinical staff (G2065) easy. The required disease-specific care plan and the structured recording of core information are completed within eVigils and the eVigils Patient App provides the required communications platform.

Remote Evaluation

Remote evaluation of patients’ conditions, based on still or video images, sent electronically by the patient, can now be billed if certain conditions are met, and documented.

eVigils provides secure messaging of images and videos and automatically provides a documented audit trail to ensure compliance.

Interprofessional Consults

IPC codes were first established in 2014. In 2019 two new codes were added for evaluation of information through electronic health records (99451 for the consulting and 99452 for the requesting professionals)

CPT: 99451/52, 99446-49

eVigils’ collaboration features provide a fast, effective, and secure means to execute interprofessional consults across the care continuum.

Remote Physiologic Management

Remote Physiologic Monitoring includes equipment setup, data collection, and data interpretation of a medical device in a patient’s home.

The eVigils app enables your practice to automate data collection from remote devices and to easily document patient interactions related to Remote Physiologic Monitoring.

Chronic Care Management

To implement a successful CCM workflow, you need a tool that simplifies time capture, provides key care documents, and enables easy collaboration among the care team.

eVigils provides reminders to document CCM time at the time care is rendered, eliminating ‘lost’ minutes. Chronic Care plans are documented and shared within eVigils. And, by propagating eVigils throughout your care continuum, CCM time can easily be recorded by your care partners.

eVigils Dashboards

The eVigils app provides easy to read dashboards to help you manage the Value-Based Care initiatives that improve patient outcomes and earn CMS incentives. The CCM dashboard identifies specific patient eligibility, enrollment, and accrued time. The TCM dashboard is a quick view of the patient discharge date, date contacted, and next scheduled office visit. The RPM dashboard lists monitored patients, their current and historical physiological data, plus accrued RPM time.

All built on secure, HIPAA compliant messaging

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