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Our Story

Over the Years

Experience is your best partner. eVigils is the third generation of our technology and services.

Our first project in 1985 was connecting Apple desktops to software running on IBM mainframes. Google was our neighbor when they started in 1998. Read below to see and understand how today’s eVigils is on the right path by connecting people and applications for thirty-five years.


Deliver Notes & Results

  • Immediate delivery of clinical patient notes and out-of-range test results from across the community

eVigils Provider App 10th anniversary

  • More cutting-edge value-based care features and re-designed user interface (UI)


White-label patient app

  • Providers and MCOs apply their brand to eVigils patient app for improved patient engagement

  • Charge capture features for E-visits and remote patient monitoring


Communication Technology-Based Services

  • Engage, document, and bill E-visit, remote evaluation, interprofessional consults 
Population Management

  • Quality measurements for captitated and shared savings models; manage medical conditions 
Transitional Care Management

  • Alerts, dashboard and and documentation tools to reduce readmission rates and earn provider incentives
Clinical Event Notifications

  • Deliver acute and SNF patient updates to reduce hospital admissions, length of stay, and re-admissions
Chronic Care Management

  • CMS program to capture and document CCM time – within and across provider organizations 
Patient App Released

  • Connect with designated office roles and care team staff 

eVigils Provider Android App

  • Published on Google Play
eVigils Provider App Expansion

  • Improve clinical workflows, streamline  provider collaboration, improve care coordination

eVigils Provider App Release

  • On the App Store to deliver alerts about critical lab results to providers

BlueIris eLaborate

  • MITEM application that integrates physician EMRs with commercial and hospital labs

Dr. Chart Purchased

  • Expand and improve online lab ordering and result services
MITEM Established

  • MITEM Corporation founded by Aurel Kleinerman, MD to provide non-invasive technology integration services 

35 Years – Healthcare Innovator and Integrator

eVigils integrates patient information from a variety of sources to provide a consolidated view to the care team enabling them to make quick, informed, decisions to improve outcomes.

Our team hooks into data from EMR, ACOs, hospitals (really, whatever we need to get the job done) and delivers that information though the eVigils app on your phone or through your browser. Making life easier for the care team and better for the patient.

The eVigils backend is hosted with IBM, providing world-class availability and performance.

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The world’s most experienced, nimble, practical creator of integrated solutions.

Integrate legacy systems, middleware, applications, web services, and a myriad of vendor-specific interfaces.

Cloud-based integration platform is enabling physician EMR solutions to communicate with hospital information systems.