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HIE – Clearinghouse

Expand your subscriber base and value

Every information exchange shares a common mission: to serve and expand its subscriber base.

It’s Metcalfe’s Law that even quantifies this mission: the value of a communications network is proportional to the square of the number of connected users. That’s a big number.

To be clear: we applauded the Cures Act, believe Information Blocking is mean, actively adopt TEFCA, and financially support an appropriate flow of patient information being a Civitas Strategic Business & Technology (SB&T) partner since 2019. “Regional innovation, national impact.

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SB&T partner since 2019

Here’s how we work – together – to benefit patient care:

  • You manage the patient data and secure the access – like Fort Knox.
  • We keep the subscriber’s patient panels fresh and move over clinical information from their EMR.
  • You open the gates of their HL7 ADTs and ORUs.
  • We receive and sort the subscriber’s HL7 transactions to provide real-time, customized delivery of crucial patient information.

And here is a diagram of how eVigils® typically works with an HIE:

HIE Clearinghouse

Who we are:

Experienced – Moving data and building apps, since 1985, for thousands of large and small organizations. Integration is a core competency.
Competent – Nothing stops us: no formats or standards, and no excuses.
Sticky – Our provider and MCO clients rarely leave us. Ask them.

We saved an important item for last – we are no cost to the HIE or health system.

And we help eliminate a few nagging patient data challenges: accurate panels, added content, and actionable information. All of which improves patient care.

We’ve been moving patient data for health systems since 2005 and supporting HIEs since 2015.

Experience is your best partner. Submit the form below to learn more.

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