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eVigils works closely with Health Current to optimize their goal of “helping providers use information technology to improve people’s lives.”

Andrew Rittler, CEO

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Health Current
eVigils® supported its first Arizona provider group in 2013. Today this same specialty provider group and thousands of others nationwide rely on eVigils®.

We see our efforts as both revolutionary and necessary for health care.

eVigils® has an established track record of supporting Arizona providers and their patients with:

  • Quickly optimizing the clinical workflows of existing Health Current subscribers.
  • Bringing fast value during the onboarding of new Health Current subscribers.

Here is a diagram of how we extend the value of Health Current.

Healthcurrent - eVigils - Better visibility into crucial patients

eVigils® thirty-five-year track record fuels our unparalleled expertise to connect, sift, filter, sort, and deliver critical information about your patients and their status. We call these crucial patients.

What are crucial patients?
Providers and organizations assign this label to a group or groups of their patients which have the greatest daily impact on their operations and value-based care success.

Providers monitor their crucial patients in order to react more effectively to unplanned changes in a patient’s status.

eVigils® is full service: we eliminate the distraction of managing patient rosters and ensuring connectivity while delivering “smart” patient activity – only the specific and necessary patient information to the right caregiver at the right time.

eVigils® turns overwhelming into actionable – aligning with your workflows and incorporating best practices experienced with our other clients.

Case managers spend more time with patients and stop hunting for key patient information.

Our initial setup includes collaboration tools and targeted delivery of:

  • Discharge summary reports
  • Patient transfers
  • Inpatient and emergency ADTs
  • Specific test results

There are no disappointments. In most situations ROI begins the first week of operation since we offer a proof-of-concept model.

There is great value and excitement to show you.

Why Use eVigils in Arizona:

  • Established procedures with HealthCurrent
  • Free up case management time searching for patient information
  • Immediate and intelligent delivery of patient information enabling value-based care programs
  • Redirect your technology resources to other projects
  • Documented ROI

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