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By 2030, every Medicare FFS beneficiary should be part of an accountable care partnership, according to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Innovation Center (CMMI) with the sole intent to eliminate the Fee-for-service (FFS) payment model.

This CMS objective coincides with the agency’s recent release of a white paper describing its plan to accelerate the transformation of Medicare and Medicaid into more value-based programs in the next seven years by utilizing cutting-edge payment methods and the knowledge gained over the previous ten years.

Accountable care models incent physicians to establish and implement core functions to improve care delivery while reducing growth in costs.

This CMMI objective would not only seek to place all beneficiaries in value-based care plans but also to place them in plans that analyze their requirements holistically and coordinate their treatment within a larger total cost of the care system. According to CMS, this might result in an extra 30 million beneficiaries who can be assigned to provider models such as advanced primary care practices, accountable care organizations (ACO), or a similar entity that is responsible for the cost and quality of care.

eVigils solutions meet these CMS objectives today!


Stop patient leakage; know patient status

MCO & Medicare Model

Bridge the gaps across your network


Life Sciences

Improve completion rates & customer service

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We track our wins – every time our health plan can de-escalate a hospital admission by collaborating with an emergency department.  For our patient population, we accomplish this a few times a week.  It makes everyone feel really good each time it happens.  eVigils is a key part of our transitional care and chronic care programs.

Melanie McEvoy - Arizona Priority Care
Melanie McEvoy

We use eVigils to connect with a large variety of community partners.  Their product development on patient alerts, population management, and collaboration tools are ahead of the curve, support our clinical research, and enable our new business ventures.

Mandeep Sahani, MD - Desert Kidney, Arizona
Mandeep Sahani, MD

eVigils is the backbone of our ACO’s collaboration across an ever-expanding number of staffs, primary care groups, specialists, and many ambulatory service organizations.  We are extending the alerting service across all our patient populations.  Populations are key to us – focused patient programs provide us superior results.

Lance Donkerbrook - Commonwealth PCP ACO, Arizona
Lance Donkerbrook

eVigils provides pure ‘gold’ for our practice.  It’s the way we increased profitability with our at-risk and shared savings patient populations.  Puts us in a great position.

John Jorgenson - Renal Specialists, Texas
John Jorgenson

We immediately saw improved message accuracy and speed in managing emergency room referrals.  Integrating with our legacy systems happened quickly and streamlined our workflows.

Jessie Smith - Baptist Health Cardiology, Florida
Jessie Smith

eVigils is the permanent fix to our provider updates, more than five years ago.  It augments our EHR investment.  I’ve suggested eVigils to other cardiology groups in our area.

Angela Szczublewski - TriCity Cardiology, Arizona
Angela Szczublewski

Take the next step to:

  • Implement value-based care workflows and tools without disruption
  • Receive ‘smart’ notices about your crucial patient admit/discharge, discharge report, and results.
  • Improve patient contact and retention with modern apps
  • Connect care teams and partners like never before

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