Collaborate faster and easier with practitioners within and outside your organization while not disrupting your workflows. Engage by streamlining how the care team reaches and responds to patients – improve outcomes and success with MACRA and other emerging programs. Generate better business results by deploying Annual Wellness Visits, documenting time and care for CCM (CPT 99490) and other payer-driven programs.


eVigils solves the care coordination gaps all healthcare sectors experience with the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and other organization-centric legacy systems. At its core, eVigils is a revolutionary software platform aligning four components: secure messaging, patient profiles, a workflow engine, and data integration.

Care teams use eVigils Pro mobile and desktop applications to coordinate care with other practitioners - within and outside their organization. Patients use a specialized eVigils mobile app to connect with pre-defined members or roles within a care team.

Integrating eVigils with the EMR, call center, other legacy systems and the Health Information Exchange (HIE) is not complicated - we’ve been integrating systems for more than 30 years - and provides the foundation needed to maximize value-based reimbursement programs.



Provider Features

  • Receive clinical event notifications generated by hospitals and other organizations

  • Message care teams within and beyond enterprise communication borders

  • Manage chronic and transitional patient care among and across care teams

  • Track time, document care and bill for the Medicare Chronic Care Management (CCM) program

  • Message content supplemented by the relevant patient clinical and demographic data

  • Integrate patient data and results from/to EMR and other legacy systems

  • User-defined return receipt & resolution messaging, with a rules engine to manage physicians

  • Scalable rollout within the health organization built with intuitive design and rapid adoption rates


The numbers reflect reality...patient portal use and acceptance is both low and stagnant. While some healthcare organizations chase the Meaningful Use patient portal criteria, evolving reimbursement models and quality initiatives accelerate the need for improved patient engagement.

Healthcare organizations and physician groups deploy the eVigils patient application to quickly gain needed improvements in transitional and chronic patient care. In seconds, the patient and the care team members are connected.

Patients can update their demographic and clinical data so practitioners have ready access to relevant patient data. Our expertise and experience integrating EMRs and other legacy systems assures clinical data accuracy and saves practitioners time from having to access clinical records.

Bundled care initiatives, improved patient experience, clinical staff productivity are just a few of the patient engagement benefits attributed to eVigils.


eVigils is the most effective way for physicians and other qualified practitioners to participate in the Medicare Chronic Care Management program. eVigils technology aligns with your existing workflows; you retain the patient relationship and have the lowest possible CCM program-related expenses.

eVigils has a unique method to expand your ability to track CCM-related time to include aligned medical professionals beyond your immediate care team. eVigils sets the new standard for patient collaboration across disparate care organizations.

To learn more about CPT code 99490 - non-face-to-face care coordination services furnished to Medicare beneficiaries with multiple chronic conditions - visit this CMS-sponsored site.



Crissy Soza

Supervisor – Commonwealth ACO

The eVigils desktop and phone application is an outstanding tool.  Very simple to use and easy to understand. The security and compliance relieves any concerns of  HIPPA violations. The CCM time calculator is helpful to maintain patient minutes for proper billing to our providers. eVigils has simplified the communication process to our clinicians. Love it!

Melvyn Coomber

Chronic Care Clinical Manager – Esteem Healthcare

eVigils had our group up and running on CCM in less than 30 days. Implementation was fast; we find the web and mobile tools easy to use and require practically no training. eVigils adapted to our workflow, unlike any other technology we’ve use.

Curtis Page, MD

CEO Commonwealth Primary Care ACO (Phoenix, AZ)

Our accountable care organization (ACO) relies on eVigils to coordinate patient care across an ever expanding number of users, including 100+ primary physicians and their staff, case managers, physician specialists, and various ambulatory service organizations.  eVigils design and CCM features make it possible for the physician offices and case managers to work together - easily.

Mandeep Sahani, MD

Desert Kidney Associates (Phoenix, AZ)

We were pleased to become eVigils first physician specialty group customer in 2013. We find the team very responsive to our needs. We use eVigils to connect with the many disparate practitioners and organizations that must be aligned to treat chronic kidney and its related diseases.

Jessie Smith

COO Cardiology Center of South Florida (Miami, FL)

With answering service integration live on day one, eVigils streamlined the coordination of care between our cardiology group and the support we provide Baptist Hospital Emergency Department. We see improved speed and quality in managing emergency and other urgent patient referrals.


eVigils®, a leader in physician mobile messaging and out-of-the-box business applications for health care, was established as a subsidiary of MITEM Corporation. MITEM, founded in 1985, is well-known as one of the most experienced vendors of legacy integration software solutions. MITEM’s core technology allows disparate software systems to share critical data, enabling the automation of health care processes.

With more than 30 years of development, customer feedback, and refinement, MITEM technologies provide one of the most robust and reliable integration platforms available. MITEM’s custom solutions and business applications allow our customers to enhance, extend and integrate their legacy assets, the 24/7 work horses of health care. By improving and automating critical health care processes, we enable health organizations to increase efficiencies in all areas that impact the delivery of patient care. At eVigils®, we measure our own success by providing tools and applications that enable physicians to deliver the best patient care possible.

Andrew Rittler

Andrew is the CEO of eVigils®. He is a 30+ year veteran of the health care technology sector, leading companies, divisions, and teams that deliver technology solutions which enhance clinical and revenue cycle work flows for practitioners. Since 2003, Andrew has lead several Nashville-based healthcare firms to successful transactions, as well as established RWP Advisors, an advisory company specializing in accelerating the growth of health care technology companies. He earned his BS (Accounting) and MBA from Benedictine University.

Aurel Kleinerman

Aurel Kleinerman, M.D., Ph.D. is the founder and CEO of MITEM Corporation. He is the inventor and architect of eVigils and MITEM Corporation’s application integration technology. Dr. Kleinerman has worked in computer science and systems architecture for more than 40 years, with particular emphasis on non-invasive integration of various disparate systems. Dr. Kleinerman received a Ph.D. in mathematics in 1977 from Cornell University, an M.D. in 1981 from Johns Hopkins University and completed his residency in medicine at Stanford University Medical Center. He is currently licensed to practice medicine in the State of California.
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